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Summer Showdown - 2023

Showdown Event Info

Welcome to the second quarterly head to head bracket landing challenge event! Broadcasted live at and coined the FSESL Summer Showdown, competitors compete head to head in a double-elimination bracket formatted landing competition. All competitors will be randomly seeded and start in the upper bracket. The lower score of each upper bracket match will move down to the lower bracket. The lower score of each lower bracket match will then be eliminated. Each round moves to a different airport, with the exception of the semifinals and finals. The rules & voting for the competition will be the same rule set that is used for the Landing Challenge Series. What differs is that competitors have only one shot, apart from their go around allotted for each round, to put their best score on the board during each match. Highest score moves onto the next match, and you can follow along with the bracket in real time using the !bracket command. To get even more of an idea of how it works, you can check out the VOD from the Spring Showdown here.

Event Details:

Date: September 2nd, 2023

Time: 7:00pm ET - 11:50pm ET

Host: Tight Backhand

Co-Host: Pete O'Heet

Event Format:

Type: Double Elimination Bracket

Seeding: Random Seeding

ICAO: Different Each Round*

Rules: Click Here


The window to register is now open, and you can register by clicking the green "register" box at the bottom of the page. Registration for this event will close at 3:00pm ET, on September 2nd, 2023. 

Once registered, please ensure you have joined the discord, as all the event info will be hosted there.


Click here to view the bracket!

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