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Your questions, answered


If I am in the competition, do I also get to vote?

Yes, if you are in the competition, you also score/vote during the competition.

I just got back to my PC and I’m not sure if my turn has passed. How can I check?

If you would like to see if the full queue list, type "!queue list" to see who is remaining in the queue

I don't see myself as a top competitor, but would still like to join the competition. Can I still join?

Yes! We open the events for all skill levels and hope you will join us for an event!

What are the commands to join?

There are no commands to join the queue as a competitor. To join the queue as a guest voter, type !guestvoter. To sign up for the next event, click here.

I want to join an event, but not sure I can commit to a whole season. Can I just compete for one event or a few?

Yes! You do not have to compete throughout the whole season, you can just compete in one or a handful of events. There is no commitment.

How long to we have to vote / score?

Once a competitor lands, there will be a replay that will play and the scoring will be open for roughly 60 seconds. To score, it's !score <#.##>

How long does the event run for?

Each event runs for roughly two hours, including a 30 minute preshow at the beginning of the broadcast.

Do I have to use first person view?

No, there are no requirements for which camera angle you use. Use whatever you are most comfortable with.

Do I have to use live weather?

Yes, you absolutely need to use live weather unless noted otherwise. This is what makes it fair for everyone, and often the approaches take into consideration the typical weather that would make it challenging.

I just want to vote and not compete, how do I do that?

To join the voting for each round, type !guestvoter in the chat and that will register you for voting during the event. If you vote in Round 1 and want to vote in Round 2, you will have to type it again once the voting queue opens up again during the Round 2 "PreShow"

If I want to join as a guest voter, do I have to pre-sign up?

No, guest voters can join during the event and do not need to sign up on the google form.

For those of us who are competing in the event, when will the airport information be posted?

Airport information will be posted approximately 30 minutes prior to the first practice round for those who are competing in the event. Make sure to join the discord for the event info.

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